About this blogger

Michael L. Mizrahi New Yorker, screenwriter, blogger.

Self Portrait

The late, great, portrait painter RW Cowan, who I’m proud to call him my friend, once said to me, “I always start painting someone’s face with the eyes, do you know why?” I didn’t have a clue. He then casually answered himself. “Because you gotta start somewhere!”

My eyes are blue, not the piercing crystal clear kind, just blue. I’ve been told I have a cat face. My father is from Egypt, I’m first generation American, so technically that makes me an African American but I’m white. My last name is Mizrahi which means “a person from the East” (as in the Middle East). My mom is from the beautiful country of Germany. I’m writing this blog to showcase my writing ability during a time where I really appreciate life. I am not overdramatizing when I say, I’ve cheated death and I’m recovering from adversity, on a path to discovering who I am and the meaning of my life.

A hundred million bottles washed up on the shore… ” – Sting.

Message in a bottle, a metaphor for a world full of people and everyone has dreams and millions of dreams are lost. My message in a bottle is to be a screenwriter, like a million other writers. Hoping someone will find the bottle I threw out to sea and read my message. I’m throwing out as many messages as I can.

Perhaps Sting can write an extra verse about picking up all those bottles, and using biodegradble containers on recycled bamboo paper.

“I’m not selling anything!

Why read this blog? Everyone has stories, why read mine? I’ll try not a rant, or be political or religious, if I do, I promise not to tell just one side of the story. I’m not selling anything! I’m not trying to convince anyone why their ideaology is wrong and mine is right. It never works on me. I’m not here for clicks. I’m not here to write about what’s wrong with the world, nor do I have an axe to grind or manefesto to publish. This blog is a bunch of personal anecdotes meant to provoke and process thoughts to grow as a person and possibly inspire. I write about different subjects, so pick a title that appeals to you. I attempt to engage a reader on a subject but end each post giving the reader something that they did not expect. Bottom line is, writing this blog helps me process my thoughts about life.

My Stats

I was born in a small town called New York City…

pronouns: me/my/mine

cis man

(fill in dark mispent youth here)

Restarting life again in my 30’s on a different footing,  I went to night film school, leading to work in TV/film producton, 2007 – present. I’m moistly a self-taught screenwriter,  reading screenplays, expert books,  one too many webinars and contest notes, a semester at NYU Tisch and now at UCLA Extension, all to win awards in 10 major screenplay competitions.

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